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New Virus Info


As no doubt you have heard there is a new respiratory illness going around amongst our canine companions. We have been staying up to date on the latest information so that we can keep all our pups as safe as possible. The illness is showing up as symptoms similar to kennel cough; runny noses, sneezing, a wet cough, and lethargy. There is potential for the virus to develop into pneumonia. The general trend is that the dogs with an increased risk are immuno-compromised dogs, dogs with pre-existing conditions, and elderly pups. There have currently been NO reported cases in Bellevue and surrounding areas! Veterinarians in the area are not currently recommending a general avoidance of dog parks and grooming salons.


We always practice very thorough cleaning, disinfection, and illness prevention policies:

  • Dogs do not come into contact with one another and are in separate kennels. We do not have free roaming dogs in our salon.

  • All surfaces that dogs would come into contact with (Kennels, bath tubs, tables, water bowls, etc) are cleaned and sanitized between every dog that would touch it.

  • We will not accept any clients for services that are displaying signs of illness, but especially any respiratory symptoms.

  • In case of symptoms starting to show when a dog is here we have an isolation kennel that would keep them quarantined from other pups until they leave.

Some helpful things you can do to help prevent the spread of the virus:

  • Please do not bring your dog in if you believe they are showing symptoms or have recently been exposed to an ill dog.

  • Please do not linger and hangout in our lobby for longer than necessary.

  • Please drop-off as close to your appointment time as you can, and try to pick-up your pup promptly once their service is completed in order to minimize potential exposure times and to help reduce the number of dogs here at a given time


As always we greatly appreciate your support, and we thank you for helping us keep our pups safe!

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