Hi, I'm Michelle Nowlin

The passion of life 

My parents got a Mini Schnauzer when I was fourteen. She slowly became my dog because my parents were having a difficult time training her. Mini Schnauzers can be tough but very smart, which is why I love them.  Sabi is the reason I got into grooming dogs. She has passed on, but she taught me so much. 

Over 20 Years of Grooming Experience

I have over 20 years’ experience grooming dogs and working with animals. Trained on the East Coast, I perfected my skills working in different States in America and then groomed dogs Internationally for the last 3 years. I have chosen to bring my passion and skills to Bellevue and provide the best grooms for dogs in the area.


I have always been surrounded by animals. I grew up around horses, cows, pigs and of course, dogs. I have always been good with animals, they are my passion and I have devoted my life to working with them.  


When I was 15, my Mom missed our Mini Schnazuer’s grooming appointment, so I gave her a haircut. When my mom brought her to her next appointment, the groomer asked, "who groomed your dog!", "my fifteen-year-old daughter!" My career in grooming was born.

I regularly attend seminars, conventions and am committed to ensuring my grooming skills are cutting edge. If you choose to entrust your dog to my care, you can be sure he/she will be getting an exceptionally good groom. Your dog will come home, healthy, happy and with a beautiful haircut.




Hours of Operation

Tues- Fri 8:30- 5:30

Sat 9-5


1105 Bellevue Way A3

Bellevue, Wa, 98004


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