About Us


Hi, I'm Michelle Nowlin

I have over 20 years’ experience grooming dogs and working with animals. Trained on the East Coast, I perfected my skills working in different States in America and then groomed dogs Internationally for the last 3 years. I have chosen to bring my passion and skills to Bellevue and provide the best grooms for dogs in the area.


I have always been surrounded by animals. I grew up training horses, and I was generally surrounded by cows, pigs and of course, dogs. I have always been good with animals, they are my passion and I have devoted my life to working with them.  


When I was 15, my Mom missed our Mini Schnazuer’s grooming appointment, so I gave her a haircut. When my mom brought her to her next appointment, the groomer asked, "who groomed your dog!", "my fifteen-year-old daughter!" My career in grooming was born.

I regularly attend seminars, conventions and am committed to ensuring my grooming skills are cutting edge. If you choose to entrust your dog to my care, you can be sure he/she will be getting an exceptionally good groom. Your dog will come home, healthy, happy and with a beautiful haircut.

The Passion of Life 

My parents got a Mini Schnauzer when I was fourteen. She slowly became my dog because my parents were having a difficult time training her. Mini Schnauzers can be tough but very smart, which is why I love them.  Sabi is the reason I got into grooming dogs. She has passed on, but she taught me so much. 


My Team


We have the fearless bather, assistant, and company jokester, Tanner!


Tanner is from our lovely state of Washington and he's bathed himself for most of his life, however he's bathed dogs for only a few months now! But, don't worry about Tanner, he's quite the talented dog handler. What he loves most about dogs is that they have a lot of legs. His dream dog breed to own is any short hair dog, and a dog he's bathed the most would have to be doodles. A fun fact about Tanner is that he is in a band called Evelyn's Casket! Rock on Tanner, and thanks for always keeping us laughing!


For our second Groomer and Assistant Manager we have Charlie!


Charlie is from the glorious PNW and they have been grooming for around 2 years. However, they've been in the Pet Industry for 6 years, and have served as a bather, groomer's assistant, kennel attendant, and vet tech. You would be safe to say your pet is safe in Charlie's experienced hands! They love how non judgemental dogs can be and how their presence can be so healing to the soul. Their dream is to own their own herd of herding dogs (pun intended)! Corgis, Border Collies, Bouviers, oh my! A dog they have groomed the most would be all sizes and shapes of doodles! Thanks for all your amazing work Charlie!


Lovely groomer and dog lover, we have Sean here!


He grew up in a small town in Connecticut but he loves the fun of West Seattle where he lives (he also loves that it's not as hot as Connecticut). He's been grooming for two years and bathing for four, and he loves how pups have such fun personalities, they can be both loving but also goofy! His dream is to own one black and one grey Irish Wolfhound named Mischief and Mayhem! I hope he has big poop bags! Dogs he's seen the most in shop are doodles and labs, and a fun fact about him is that he's learning to do tattoos! You rule Sean, and keep up the awesome, creative work!


We have the lovely, the beautiful, the amazing, Christine! Christine serves as our wonderful receptionist!


Christine is from the great beyond in the DC area, and what originally brought her all the way here to the PNW was culinary school! She loves dogs unconditional love and their impressive capacity for peanut butter and cheese. A breed she'd love to own one day is a Basset Hound or a Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless Dog). She has a dachshund back home and a fun fact about her is that she was adopted from Florida! Christine has been around the country, hasn't she?! Well, we're more than excited that Christine's journey has led her to us, because we don't know what we'd do without her! Welcome Christine!

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Welcome to our team, Kaylana!


She's from the great state of Montana, and has an amazing background of being a stable hand, so we're sure she'll be able to handle our larger breeds with confidence! She loves that dogs have so much loyalty and varied personalities, and her dream breed to own is a cross between a Leonberger and Newfoundland! And a fun fact about her is she used to ride bulls in rodeo! Wow! We're more than excited to have ya Kaylana!