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COVID-19 Guidelines

-The Lobby is for drop off and pick up only, unless waiting for a 5/10 minute nail trim

-It is recommended you wear a face covering while in the store, *if you haven't not been Vaccinated. We can also ask for proof of being Vaccinated.


-If you feel ill or have been exposed to Covid-19, please cancel your appointment

-Please don't come in a group of people. If you need assistance, please advise me when making your appointment

-Try to maintain 6 feet apart. Tape is on the floor to mark 6 feet away

-All appointments will be at a set time in order to maintain fewer people in the shop

-During pickups you may have to wait outside if other people are in the shop

At Bellevue Pet Spa we already had in place a decent cleaning policy that includes a UV oven, anti-microbial hot cup, Barbicide, and hand sanitizer. We have added a high quality filter and many more steps of disinfecting. So please be patient while we also learn to handle the new normal of Covid-19 to ensure the safety of all.

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